Recycling fun facts – Metal recycling throughout history

    Did you know that metal recycling is one of the most ancient practices of the world? Today we bring you 6 recycling fun facts throughout history.

    #1 Humans have been melting and reforging metals since the year 700 B.C.E.

    #2 Some of the 7 world wonders are made completely or partially of recycled materials.

    #3 The Statue of Liberty is covered in 80 tonnes of copper and bronze partially recycled.

    #4 Historians have found references to recycling metals on clay tables dating from Mesopotamia and Egypt.

    #5 The Colossus of Rhodes was made partially of recycled bronze. After its destruction, it was found by turks and… recycled!

    #6 The invention of the printing press (CCA 1440) had a huge impact on the recycling industry, due to the letters having to be reforged every few days.


    And for industrial scale recycling ➡️

    We buy, we classify + we recycle = we revalue


    Alberich Historical fun facts about recycling Infographic

    Recycling through the ages