Electrical waste products form the fastest-growing flow of waste in recent years. With new technology replacing the old, devices quickly become redundant. More and more new directives are being introduced to regulate how electrical waste products are handled and recycled. Alberich is a specialist in offering a cost-effective recycling service of electrical waste for companies all over the United Kingdom.

    Many other companies specialise in purely IT recycling, but Alberich takes charge of almost all electrical devices. If you use a plug or a battery, we can recycle it. We ensure that they are recycled in a legal and environmentally beneficial manner.


    The electrical devices we process are often at the end of their useful life or are damaged beyond repair, which means that the best recycling practice is the recovery of materials. An automated plant takes charge of recovering the materials. The process consists in dividing each device into small segments and then separating the materials into large containers: a task that may seem simple but that uses very complex machinery. The materials return to the production line to produce new materials and products. The reuse of materials like plastics and metals is favourable to the use of virgin materials.

    Our electrical waste recycling service guarantees the following:

    Compliance with the current Directive on the recycling of electronic waste.

    Fully trained professional personnel.

    The latest recycling technology used in our recycling processes.

    Certificates and complete documentation on supervision and dangerous wastes.

    We recycle all the categories of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment as established in the State Directives, such as:

    Large-scale machinery

    Small household appliances

    IT and telecommunications devices

    Consumer goods


    Electrical and electronic tools

    Toys, sports equipment and leisure goods

    Medical devices

    Monitoring and control devices

    Dispensing machines