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E-waste – How to correctly recycle your electrical and electronic devices

The Spanish legislation (RD 110/2015) establishes the obligation to manage correctly the electrical and electronic waste known as e-waste. But how does one recycle e-waste correctly?


1.      For the smaller devices

The Royal Decree 110/2015 regulating e-waste obligates manufacturers of electrical and electronic equipment to adopt recycling measures for the residues of their products. That is to say, they need to have selective collection systems and ensure their environmentally safe treatment. So if your company’s e-waste is relatively small (no more than 25 cm tall, wide or long), you should be able to recycle it in any store that has over 400 m² dedicated to selling electrical and electronic devices.

And if you generate very little e-waste, you can also use a clean point, or other municipal recycling services where individuals can hand in domestic e-waste.


2.      Large scale e-waste recycling

If your company’s electronic and electrical residue is of a larger scale or quantity, you’ll need to rely on an authorized e-waste handler. Even the transportation of these residues is subject to law (RD 180/2015) and requires authorized transportation. Whether it goes to a waste storage facility or straight to a treatment plant, like Alberich, just make sure they offer you collection services, to save yourself the trouble.

Keep in mind traceability throughout this process is a legal requirement. The government can request at any time that you prove your compliance with the RD 110/2015 regarding e-waste.


3.      And what happens after?

Once everybody has contributed their little grain of sand towards a cleaner environment by properly disposing of their old electronics, the ball is in our court. We are responsible for the classification, repairing, revaluing and recycling of this kind of waste as final treatment plant. Here’s a short summary of how we treat e-waste that cannot be repaired and resold second-hand:

  • We disassemble and manually separate the pieces of each device.
  • We perform the mechanical recycling by extracting and crushing the corresponding materials.
  • We melt the metals that we can reuse.
  • We recycle chemical materials, such as precious metals (gold, silver, etc.) contained in the electronic circuit boards.

Are you in need of electrical or electronic waste handling? Do no hesitate to contact us!