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Don’t scrap your old car – recycle it!

There are too many cars in Spain – we reached 532 cars per 1000 people in 2019 according to Statista.com. And that number seems to only be increasing year by year. That’s why it’s not enough to scrap your old car when you get a new one, you should recycle it. But that’s our job, of course.

Here at Alberich we have an entire process to recycle an old vehicle, or ELV (End-of-Life Vehicle). And we process them according to the 11/1999 law. Our process is a powerful source of transformation into various raw materials for reuse. Shall we explain how we do it?

The first step is to ensure that the vehicle arrives at our Authorised Centres for Reception and Decontamination of End-of-Life Vehicles. We require all the proper documentation to process the deregistration of the vehicle with the authorities.

Once we have checked that there is no legal problem with the automobile, we move to decontaminate it. We extract the liquids and all the other components that can pose a risk to the environment, such as oil, battery or fuel, among others. Now you’re probably wondering where these elements go next. We ensure they receive proper environmental treatment to keep them from harming the planet.

Once the vehicle is decontaminated, those pieces that can be reused second-hand are recovered and tested to ensure their functioning. The rest of the car that cannot be used is dismembered, sorted into different materials that will also be recycled.

Why is it important to recycle your old car?

The importance of the responsibility we feel towards our planet makes us work to transform pieces of old, recycled cars into new materials, such as furniture, artificial grass, tires, brake pads or fuel for certain industries. This is what is so wonderful about the decontamination process: it allows us to recycle components in order to give them a new life.

On the other hand, we also avoid generating more rubbish and we prevent the unnecessary waste of natural resources. Furthermore, we ensure old cars don’t end up abandoned on the side of the road.

Do you have an old car you want to recycle? Get in touch with us!